Friday, July 25, 2008

Kingdom Ambassadors

The Word of God says we are ambassadors for Christ. An ambassador for a nation is one who is sent as a representative on behalf of the one sending him/her and is not allowed to express their opinion on matters but must deliver the person's message that they are representing.

Do Kingdom Business Till I Come

Jesus said in Luke 19 in the parable of the ten minas, "Occupy till I come", another translation says, "Do business until I come". If you remember when Jesus was 12 years old, at which time according to the Jewish culture, the male children would become what was called a "son of the law" meaning he was studied in the law of God (God's teaching and instruction), Jesus said I must be about my Father's business. How do we do the Father's business today in our companies and industries to glorify God? It begins by understanding the patterns of the Kingdom of God and understanding how to apply God's teaching and instruction in our times.

Kings & Priests of the Kingdom

God said we are kings and priests unto Him that shall reign in the earth. Kings are responsible for taking new territory for the kingdom and priests are responsible for worship. Therefore we are to be taking new territory for the Kingdom of God and worshipping God the whole time doing it.

What pattern of the Kingdom were you created to establish on the earth?

I believe there are many patterns that God is wanting to establish in the earth and he is looking for someone that knows the pattern and has their heart set to work with the Lord to see it accomplished.

The Kingdom Treasury & Storehouse

We find one of the patterns of the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament when we read about the temple constructed to store the children of Israel's firstfruits, tithes, offerings, and other things directed by the Lord. As further study bears out there were storerooms in the temple that were seperated into two main areas: the treasury and the storehouse.

Kingdom: Patterns, Planning, and Preparation

The Kingdom of God has patterns that the Lord is wanting released into the earth. Even as Jesus taught us to pray "...thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." God also told Moses, "See that you do all things concerning building the tabernacle according to the pattern shown you on the mountain."